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... providing high-quality basic and applied information to address the growing ecological degradation of coastal ecosystems. Using state-of-the-art instrumentation and methodologies, conducting a wide spectrum of biogeochemical analyses relating to water quality, nutrient related ecological health and coastal pollution with an emphasis on public outreach and education.    more >>

Dr. Brian Howes
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The Estuaries Project

Science Based Management for the Restoration and Protection of Massachusetts’ Estuarine Resources...

The Estuaries Project, through the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, School of Marine Science and Technology (SMAST) is providing the scientific and technical support to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for the development and implementation of policies on nitrogen sensitive embayments.    more >>


Marine Renewable Energy

CSP scientists also have been using a broad suite of tools and  investigative approaches to characterize sites in near shore waters relative to their viability for generation of renewable energy from tidal/ocean currents and waves.    more >>


Denitrification in the sediment of saltmarsh

Denitrification, the microbial conversion of nitrate (NO3-) to N2 gas, plays an important role in the saltmarsh N cycle and in regulating the availability of N to primary producers.    more >>


Eelgrass distribution and water quality

Eelgrass is sensitive to overall water quality conditions and particularly nitrogen levels, typically inhabiting areas of low nutrient loading and organic matter inputs. To assess ecological shifts within West Falmouth Harbor temporal changes in eelgrass distribution were determined.     more >>

Volunteer monitoring program

Coastal Systems Program currently provides technical assistance to Volunteer and Research Monitoring Programs covering over 50 Massachusetts embayments state-wide.    more >>