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Saang-Yoon Hyun (CV)
Principal investigator (Ph.D. in Quantitative Ecology & Resource Mgmt, University of Washington)
School of Marine Sciences, University of Massachusetts
School for Marine Science & Technology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
(508) 999-8875;


• Statistical inference and estimation
• Stock assessment and population dynamics
• Optimization of fisheries resources

Selected publications (click the CV for the full list)
A statistical model for in-season forecasts of sockeye salmon returns to the Bristol Bay districts of Alasks

Year-to-year variability in ocean recovery rate of Columbia River Upriver Bright fall Chinook salmon

Accounting for Tag Loss and Its Uncertainty in a Mark–Recapture Study with a Mixture of Single and Double Tags

Population-specific escapement of Columbia River fall Chinook salmon: Tradeoffs among estimation techniques

Integrated forecasts of fall Chinook salmon returns to the Pacific northwest

Importance of modeling hetero-scedasticity of survey index data in fishery stock assessments

Fixed and mixed effect models for fishery data on depth distribution of Georges Bank yellowtail flounder

Mar 535-01 [Graduate level] - Biological Statistics I (Syllabus)

Mar 599-02 [Graduate level] - Inferential statistics and estimation
- Biological statistics
- Linear and nonlinear models
- Estimation (expectation, variance, likelihood, least squares, maximum likelihood, Bayesian, etc.)
- R and ADMB software

• Mar 599-02 [Graduate level] - Advanced population modeling (co-teaching)
- Fisheries management models, nonlinear models, VPAs, stochastic catch-at-age models,
likelihood, estimation, etc.
- R and ADMB software

Mar 536-01 Biological Statistics II (Syllabus)

- Sample.DAT
- Tutorial

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The School for Marine Science and Technology
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
200 Mill Road Fairhaven, MA 02719