Shannon Bayse PhD Pingguo He

Observing fish behavior and evaluating gear designs to reduce bycatch of small mesh trawl fisheries in New England

Sean Lucey PhD Steve Cadrin Evaluating ecosystem-based management strategies against the current single-stock approach
Yunfang Sun PhD Changsheng Chen Long and short-term oceanic response to atmospheric forcing over the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank and New England Shelf
Elissa Ward PhD Cynthia Pilskaln Diatom flux and deposition in the Gulf of Maine: Indicators of seasonal to decadal environmental and production variability
Doug Zemeckis PhD Steve Cadrin Spawning behavior, seasonal movements, and population structure of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the Gulf of Maine


Camille David PhD Brian Howes Linkages between sea level rise, changes in tidal inlet and wetland response
Greg DeCelles PhD Steve Cadrin Seasonal movements, spawning habitats and larval dispersal of winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) in the Gulf Of Maine
Kazuhiro Hayashi PhD Cynthia Pilskaln Biogeochemical particle flux, resuspension and deposition in the western Gulf of Maine
Chang Liu MS Geoffrey Cowles Quantifying connectivity in Buzzards Bay with application to the study of recruitment variability in the bay scallop Argopecten irradians
Craig O'Connell PhD Pingguo He The effect of biological and environmental factors on elasmobranch magnetoreception and its application for conservation in beach nets and fishing gears
Marco Pedulli PhD James Bisagni Seasonal nitrate drawdown, potential new production and export production for waters off the Western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) region


David Bethoney PhD Kevin Stokesbury Sept River herring and American shad at-sea distribution and bycatch in the U.S. Atlantic mid-water trawl fisheries
Jason Boucher PhD Changsheng Chen Sept Modeling the interannual variability in larval retention and survival of haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, on Georges Bank
Chawalit Charoenpong MS Mark Altabet Sept A continuous flow IRMS method for high precision determination of dissolved gas ratios and isotopic composition
Fiona Hogan PhD Steve Cadrin Jan Age and growth of multiple species from the northeast U.S. skate complex
Jeffrey Kneebone PhD Diego Bernal Jan Aspects of the fisheries ecology of juvenile sand tiger sharks (Carcharias Taurus) in the western North Atlantic
Cate O'Keefe PhD Kevin Stokesbury Sept An incentive-based, collaborative approach to maximize yield by avoiding yellowtail flounder bycatch in the US sea scallop fishery
Derek Perry MS Greg Skomal
Diego Bernal
Feeding ecology of the smooth dogfish, Mustelus canis, in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
Sally Roman MS Steve Cadrin Jan Testing of modified otter trawl groundgear to reduce the catch of juvenile American plaice
Roland Samimy PhD Brian Howes May Nitrogen attenuation in coastal watersheds: The effect of surface water ecosystems in reducing nitrogen during transport from watershed sources to estuarine receiving waters
Sara Samperi MS Brian Howes Jan Effects of nutrient enrichment on estuarine benthic communities in southeastern Massachusetts
Kaitlynn Shaw MS Brian Howes May Macroalgal composition and accumulation in New England estuaries
Katherine Thompson MS Kevin Stokesbury May The Atlantic sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) reproductive cycle in Closed Areas I and II on Georges Bank