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       Principal Investigator
: Avijit Gangopadhyay

Ayan Chaudhuri Graduate Student, Ph.D. Program (IGS)

Susan Silva Secretary

Frank Chico Smith SPOC/CORAL


Zhangfan Xing (JPL/CalTech PDF) 1996-97, Presently at JPL. Kalman Filter Assimilation.

Andrew Smart (UMD/Comp. Sc.) 1998-99 Presently at UMD. Real-time data transfer, web design of SST, SSC and model output, Scallop data Analysis.

Anselm Gademann (UMD/Physics GS) 1997-98 - doing PhD. At Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Fisheries data analysis.

Marcus Stollsteimer (UMD/Physics GS) 1997-98 - A temperature-salinity-Chlorophyll model for Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank.

Frank Deppe (UMD/Physics GS) 1998-99 -. Chlorophyll in Mass Bay.

Thomas Bierweiler (UMD/Physics GS) 1998-99 - Feature model in Gulf of Maine.

Jessica Hauser (UMD/Physics UG Commonwealth Scholar) 1998-99. Pursuing PhD. At UC, Davis. Response to Hurricanes in Georges Bank - SST and Chlorophyll signatures.

John McCarthy (UMD Maths GS) 2000-2001 - Physics MS- Presently at NUWC. Sound speed variability via data and models in Gulf of Maine.

Dr. Jorge Mesias Research Associate

Dr. Chithra Shaji Post Doctoral Fellow

Leandro Calado Visiting Scholar, Ph.D. Student, University of Sao Paulo

Fengzhi Ke Graduate Student, M.S. Program, Computer Science

Sourish Ray Graduate Student, M.S. Program, Computer Science

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