Available Real-Time Forecasts

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Observation System (MARCOOS) - HOPS Implementation

    Weekly 7-day forecasts are now available starting March 9, 2009. The elements of interest are the large-scale Gulf Stream system, the sub-basin scale Gulf of Maine, and the meso-scale, wind-driven variability in the Mid-Atlantic Shelf region. In addition to six-hourly forecast over the whole region (see below right), two different zoom domains (Gulf of Maine and Mid-Atlantic Shelf) are now available. The modeling system used here is the Harvard Ocean Prediction System (HOPS).

  • Past Experimental Research Forecast for Gulf Stream Extension Region

    The Gulf Stream extension region (beyond 45W) is a strong eddy-activity region where the Gulf Stream bifurcates into two branches in a canonical sense. In these first attempts of experimental forecasting for this region, we are initially carrying out two scenarios. Alternative I considers only the northern bifurcation which is more commonly known as the North Atlantic Current. This particular branch is digitized using the sea surface height (altimetric) analysis from Jenifer Clark. For Alternative II, the southeastward flowing branch is digitized based on a high resolution SST image which is based on multiple satellite data streams melded together and available from the JPL website (


The forecasts are uploaded every Wednesday.
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