New paper reports on 1st Atlantis ecosystem model summit

A recently published paper in Ecological Modelling (Weijerman et al. 2016) reports on the first Atlantis Ecosystem Model Summit, held in December 2015 in Honolulu, HI.

The Atlantis Summit brought together developers and users of the Atlantis model worldwide, as well as the larger end to end ecosystem modeling community. The aims of the workshop were “to provide a better understanding of the current modeling work, elicit wider interest, and foster collaboration within the Atlantis community“.

Gavin and Robert attended the meeting, moderating a session on the use of Indicators in Atlantis and participating in a pre-meeting workshop on developing a simulation testing toolbox. In the paper (linked below), the Summit Steering Committee (including Gavin) report on the main outcomes of the conference.

Work continues on preparation of manuscripts describing the results of common scenarios run in multiple Atlantis models, and in the development of R tools to use Atlantis for Management Strategy Evaluation and ecosystem assessment model performance testing.
A collection of R packages for interfacing with Atlantis, many developed during the meeting, can be linked to via the r4atlantis organization on github.

Weijerman, M., J.S. Link, E.A. Fulton, E. Olsen, H. Townsend, S. Gaichas, C. Hansen, M. Skern-Mauritzen, I.C. Kaplan, R. Gamble, G. Fay, M. Savina, C. Ainsworth, I. van Putten, R. Gorton, R. Brainard, K. Larsen, T. Hutton. 2016. Atlantis Ecosystem Model Summit: Report from a workshop. Ecological Modelling 335: 35-38.