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Thesis and research poster templates


PhD student Chang Liu made an unofficial LaTeX template for SMAST thesis/dissertation in 2014, based off his own MS thesis and used some code from earlier MS student Gustavo Marques. It was subsequently used by SMAST PhD students including Sudip Majumder, Georgia Kakoulaki and Sonaljit Mukherjee for their dissertations. 

The template is available here.  To view a sample document, click here.


UMass Dartmouth has Powerpoint templates for research posters available on their website, including templates for SMAST.

SMAST Student Excellence Award (SEA)

Please view the official memorandum here.

Students are the mainstay of the graduate program at the School for Marine Science and Technology (SMAST), University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The accomplishments of students during their tenure at SMAST help to promote their institution and build its reputation. This role is continued after students graduate and move on to represent the program as alumni while pursuing careers in marine science and other related fields. In order to recognize the accomplishments of SMAST graduate students, we have established an SMAST Student Excellence Award (SEA), which will be annually presented to one student during each spring semester. The objective of this award is to recognize students’ accomplishments by rewarding individuals who excel in a combination of three core areas: academic accomplishments, scholarly activity, and public service.

The process for annually selecting the student who will receive the SMAST Student Excellence Award will proceed as follows:

1) Students must be nominated for the award by an SMAST faculty member. This faculty member can be the student’s advisor. The nomination should include a) a brief statement of why they feel the student is a strong candidate for the award addressing the three core areas and b) an updated CV emphasizing the student’s accomplishments during their tenure as a SMAST graduate student. Nominations must be submitted annually to the SMAST Dean by April 1.

2) The nominations will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. This Committee will consist of the SMAST Dean and two SMAST faculty members. Individuals on this committee will serve for a two-year term, after which new members will be solicited through consultation among the department chairs and the SMAST Dean. A rubric for scoring applications will be developed during the first year by the Selection Committee and the SMAST Graduate Student Association. This rubric will focus on evaluating the excellence and contributions of the nominees in the three core areas. The committee will meet each April to review applications and select the student who will receive the award.

3) The award will be presented each year in May by the SMAST Dean and the awarded student’s advisor. The award will consist of a certificate and $500 scholarship.

If you have any questions, please contact the SMAST Dean’s office or one of the SMAST graduate student representatives: Robert Wildermuth (rwildermuth[AT], or Chang Liu (chang.liu[AT]

Forms and documents for travels

International travel

The following forms are required to be submitted with the International Programs Office before traveling internationally. The Instructions and Sample Cover Sheet for Student International Travel explains this process for students.

Travel authorization

Chris Fox, the DFO Administrative Assistant, prepared an instruction for students to help with planning for travel with the University and applying for a travel authorization (TA). The TA request form – reporting.xlsx and Travel Authorization.doc forms are what she needs whenever a student is planning to travel for University business.

According to Chris, these processes should be common for DEOS as well as DFO students. The TA forms are new this semester (2016 Fall), but will be regular from here on out.

SMAST Student Travel Grant Programs

The SMAST Travel Grant application process has been revised and the new application form and guidelines are available. The new form now streamlines the process so that SMAST/IMS students can now process one request form to request funds from the SMAST Dean, Department, Office of Graduate Studies, and IMS.

If you want to request funding through the Graduate Student Senate, at this time you will need to follow their process. More information is available at

If you plan to submit an application, please work closely with Sue Silva who will be able to assist you with acquiring a number of the required signatures.

UMass Amherst Library Access

Updated Feb. 2017

This is a very helpful tip for new students and those who did not know about it. As IMS students we have access to UMass Amherst library. They have a very extensive online catalog of journals and it is easier to find and article and download the full text immediately than in UMassD library.

In order to obtain a username and password, please follow the instructions for Non-Employee, Non-Student (NENS) Application on UMass Amherst. You will need a signature from the SMAST Dean.