Marine Turbulence Laboratory

LATMIXDeployment of T-REMUS from R/V Oceanus, June 2011

Latmix, 2011

The Marine Turbulence Laboratory has recently completed a fieldwork component of the LatMix experiment. Over the course of three weeks in June 2011, a large assortment of oceanographic instrumentation was deployed on the East side of the Gulf Stream, including the MTL T-REMUS, gateway buoy, and thermistor chain.

Lou Goodman 2012 Ocean Sciences talk

Show below is a depiction of the T-REMUS as it navigates around a drifting buoy. By continuously measuring acoustic range to the buoy, the T-REMUS is able to navigate in a box-like pattern centered around the buoy system as the entire buoy system drifts. The buoy's three main parts are the communication buoy, which has RF and IRIDIUM communications with ship or shore, GPS, and acoustic communications with the T-REMUS while underway, a second buoy with a self contained 50m thermistor chain and datalogger, made by RBR, and a third buoy with a 10m long drogue that allows the buoy to follow a specific parcel of water.
T-REMUS shown with Gateway buoy system, including communication buoy, drogue, and thermistor chain.
R/V OceanusR/V Oceanus, June 2011
SST Sea surface temperature and deployment location of T-REMUS, June 05, 2011
SSTSea surface temperature and deployment location of T-REMUS on June 14, 2011.