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The OCEANOL Program

The researchers in the Ocean Observation Laboratory (OCEANOL) seek to better understand coastal ocean processes by integrating modern ocean observations with numerical ocean modeling. Measurements from moorings, coastal high-frequency (HF) radar sites, ocean gliders, shipboard surveys, operational satellite imagery and meteorology are integrated into our studies of various coastal ocean and estuarine domains including the Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank, the New England Shelf, and the Mid-Atlantic Bight (MAB).

Relevant historical and operational agency real-time data from such federal agencies as NOAA/NDBC, NOAA/NOS, and NOAA/NWS are integrated and assimilated into numerical circulation models for simulation, process studies, and in a data assimilation mode for nowcasting and forecasting.

Our current research program includes:

  • The NOAA-funded implementation of the "Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System" in terms of HF radar (i.e., CODAR), ocean glider deployments (i.e., BLUE) and data assimilation ocean modeling
  • NOAA-funded comparison of glider and loggerhead turtle measurements of the MAB Cold Pool