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Pink disk tag and data storage tag.
Reporting Recaptures

If you catch a yellowtail flounder with either a pink disk tag or a data storage tag:

  1. Remove tag from fish
  2. Record tag number, date, exact location (in lat/long or Loran), depth of capture, and length of fish. Keep this info with the tag. If possible, please record the condition of the fish, paying particular attention to the area around the tag site.
  3. When you return to port, please call the toll free number: 1-877-826-2612. If you do not reach an actual person, please leave:
    - Your name/address/phone number,
    - vessel name/home port,
    - tag number,
    - location and date of capture,
    - length of fish.
  4. Please mail ALL tags and information to:

Attn. YTF Tagging
166 Water Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543

or contact:

Dave Martins

Tags must be mailed in to be eligible for lotteries and rewards.

For all "$100 Reward" tags, data storage tags, and specially marked "Scale Sample" tags, please remove a few scales from the fish, place in an envelope, and mail in with the tag and catch information.

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